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Floor sander hire

It is a well known fact that wood floors age and require proper care. Due to this it is advisable to work on the floor covering every few years to ensure the wood is protected. This may mean sanding the floor and resealing it. With floor sander hire available in the UK it is now easier than ever to restore your floor. The time it takes to sand your floors and reseal them will depend on how deteriorated they are and whether you do it yourself or hire a professional.

What is Floor Sanding?

Floor sanding is typically a process by which the top surface of a wooden floor is removed using abrasive materials. This process becomes necessary when the floor has issues such as discoloration, bumps or peeling. When the floor is sanded, the discolouration will be solved by the top layer of sealant removed, as well as the wood. Any bumps will also be removed so that the floor is once again level and comfortable to walk on.

Floor Sander Hire vs. Purchasing

It is possible to hire a floor sander rather than buying one. Buying a floor sander can be a rather expensive option, especially when you may use it once every five years. Hiring a company to sand the floor as well as bring the sander may be the best option. It is also possible to rent the sander and do the work yourself, rather than paying for it. It is often best to hire a professional sander rather than just the sander itself as a professional will know how to handle the wood and the new sealant.

Talking about the industry, there are a number of companies engaged in this service in the UK. Due to the amount of companies you may find competitive prices in your area which make the hire much more affordable than you may have initially imagined.

Choosing a Floor Sander Hire Company

Floor sander hire companies offer you a way to get your wood floors to look more beautiful. Companies have professional floor sanding machines that are specifically designed to sander your precious wood floors. A professional machine tends to do a better job than those you can buy for next to nothing. When you are looking for a floor sander hire company it is best to review the company, how long they have been in business, and whether you can afford the cost of the work. It is far better to speak to a number of companies before hiring the first company you come across.

Most often with floor sander hire companies you will need an estimate before the work begins. An estimate online is a general quote based on the floor size and your assessment of the work needed. It is usually best to ask the company to do an onsite inspection of the floors too in order to confirm the online quote. By doing this you will know exactly what you need to pay and avoid any hidden surprises. Your estimate of the floor damage may be slightly different from a professionalís, thus double checking the quote is important.

You may want to examine the professionalism of the company too as you are reviewing them. Make certain that the company you choose doesnít have any complaints against it. This can be an issue especially if the complaints talk about floor damage. Professionals are not always on the same level, so often something that seems too cheap to be true will be. If timing is something you are concerned about you may want to start looking for a team that is not too busy. However, searching for a company that is fully booked for a few weeks in advance should also give you an indication of their quality and reputation.

Floor Sander Hire Companies

A couple of highly recommended floor sander hire companies include:
  • GAP Group Company UK is one of the floor sander hire companies in Britain that you may want to use. This company is renowned in the industry for providing floor sander hire that is performed by professionals. They are known for reaching their goals and being clean and helpful. They are also known for having some of the best technology in the UK for floor sanding.

  • Speedy Hire is another major company that offers floor sander hire. This company specialises in floor sanders which have not yet come onto the market. As the name says, this floor sander hire company is known for its quick response time and instant delivery. This company also provides packages of floor sander hiring ensuring you have the best equipment and professionals to use it.

Choosing the Correct Floor Sander

It is obvious that you may face some problems from the floor sander hire companies while hiring a floor sander for your home. This might not happen with all companies but there are certain things you should consider while hiring a floor sander to be on the safe side. Decide on the kind of floor sander you will be using to sand in your house. This could be the drum floor sander, the orbital floor sander, the disc floor sander for edging purposes or a simple hand floor sander. It is always best to hire floor sanders that are specifically designed for your type of flooring.

In addition you should always ask for a demo when the floor sander is delivered to your home. Doing this may help equip you with the right knowledge when it comes to using the floor sander correctly and you can also ensure that it works correctly before the company representative leaves. For people who are planning on only hiring the sander and not a professional to work it, you should definitely ask for a demonstration.

Make certain when you pick up the floor sander or it is delivered that you have everything you need. You want to ensure the company is working within the recommended standards, so make sure that you check the equipment is working properly. Whether you hired a professional or just a sander on its own, by following the above tips, your floor sander hire experience is sure to be a positive one.

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